July 16, 2018

AQURA – Financial Accounting

AQURA – Financial Accounting

AQURA – Lite ! is a Freeware double entry financial accounting freeware best suited for all financial accounting requirements of companies. It has support for inventory. It is very fast and robust and small in size. It has special protection for power failure. AQURA – Lite ! has drilldown browsers which can be easily customized. AQURA – Lite ! also has many reports with various formats of balance sheets, profit and loss account, ledgers, registers. It can take the backup of data and also restore from data. This is one of the Best Freeware Business Financial Accounting Freeware Software from India.

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AQURA is a windows based software. It has an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI). It works with Windows 9x / 2000 / NT. Fast and Robust. AQURA uses a proprietary data base engine, and hence it is much more faster and reliable than the software based on some RDBMS. Powerful Browsers – AQURA has a very powerful set of drill-in browsers, which make it easy to view / organize and modify the financial data. The browsers are customizable. You can change the widths of the columns, hide un-wanted columns, select the level of details displayed etc. Browsers have support for searching the text or amount, sorting on a particulat column and filtering of the displayed data. Versatile and Customizable Reports – AQURA supports versatile set of reports. Reports can be customized by selecting date ranges / filters, styles and the columns. Currently AQURA supports more than 100 reports, each having various options for customization. AQURA supports use of differnt type of stationery for different types of reports like invoice, normal reports, vouchers etc. The stationery can be customized by editing your own headers, footers, colors and fonts. Inventory – AQURA has support for trading inventory. The stock items can be transacted along with sales, purchase transctions and as inward and outward challans. The items can be transacted in multiple units. Invoice Printing – The invice printing formats can be customized with AQURA. The invoices can be printed in graphic as well as text formats.


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